Challenge / Thank You Coins
Challenge / Thank You Coins
Challenge / Thank You Coins
Challenge / Thank You Coins

Challenge / Thank You Coins

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**For every 9 coins you buy, you get 1 coin free!**

(Just place 10 coins in your cart and the 10th one will be FREE when you go to check out)

Each of the coins are identical except for the tone of the coin itself (gold or silver) and the color band around the edge (blue, red or green).

Each coin has the emblem of all 5 military branches, and as such, it can be given to any service member or veteran. 

Some customers, however, are partial to a particular tone/color because they feel it exemplifies a specific branch, for example:

  • Army - Gold with Green
  • Navy or Coast Guard - Gold with Blue
  • Air Force or Coast Guard - Silver with Blue
  • Marines - Gold with Red

 The inscription on the coin reads:

"To A Member of Our U.S. Armed Forces"

"Thank You For Your Service From A Grateful American"

Some facts about our coins:
  • Individually sealed in a heavy gauge plastic to keep it from getting scuffed or marred

  • Comprised of a heavy duty metal composite at 1.8 ounces and worthy of collecting

  • Larger than a quarter or a silver dollar coin at 1 3/4" and 1/8” thick

  • Made in the United States of America

  • Over 80,000 Grateful American Coins sold since 2007
  • Over $140,000 donated to our beneficiaries since 2007

Grateful American Coin Compared to a Quarter