We Salute Our Veterans and Active Service Personnel!

From a Grateful American...

Grateful American Coin's mission is to provide Americans a tangible way to display their gratitude to those who serve our country while simultaneously assisting to meet the needs of severely injured men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

What is Grateful American Coin?

Why are we doing all of this? ...The answer is gratitude.

Grateful American Coin was founded on the belief that it is out of a deep sense of gratitude that we should honor and acknowledge the sacrifices of members of the U.S. military. In doing so, we should individually do what we can, however small, to help those service men and women who have sustained the most severe injuries.

We feel that there are a great many Americans who share our sense of gratitude and are looking for an ideal way to express it.

Grateful American Coin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based outside of Tampa, FL and is entirely staffed with non-paid volunteers.

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  • We Salute Our Veterans

We Salute Our Veterans


 One day at the dealership a huge man came through the door. He was about as large as the door opening and was all muscle! I noticed he had a tattoo on his arm and I asked him to show it to me and he did. After showing me he said "this is nothing, do you want to see the one on my other arm" and of course I said yes. On his other arm was a tattoo of the Vietnam Wall! I said "you must be military" and he said "yes" At that point I went to the safe and got a Military Appreciation Coin to give him and he just kept starring at it and said nothing. I noticed tears were flowing and then he said "thank you, this will be my second most valued possession". I said "WOW" and he said "do you want to see my most valued possession" and of course I said "yes". He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a wallet. Embedded in the wallet was another coin. When he pulled it out and showed it to me, it was a satin black and inscribed on it was "Navy Seal" Team 2... enough said.

R. Garrett, Nick Nicholas Ford, Inverness, FL

I brought coins to the UF-FSU football game hoping the pilots from the fly over would watch the game from the sidelines.   Upon seeing them enter the field, I walked down to the wall and called a pilot over to present him with a coin.   He proceeded to call the other airmen over for me to thank each of them for their service.   One pilot then presented me with two Air Force patches.   It was as exciting as the football game.

Betty, Tampa, FL

 I handed a coin to a very young man at the airport who was being deployed for service.   He waited for his plane with his mother and father.   I approached him and presented him with a coin as he tried to take in my gratitude.   His mother began to cry.   Both parents were obviously emotional considering the situation.   I walked away after a few pleasantries hoping to have added a lift to their spirits that morning and ensure he knew he was appreciated.

Dan, Lake Worth, FL

We sincerely hope that more and more people will purchase these coins.   The support of our military is essential and these coins are a wonderful way to show them that we appreciate what they are doing for us and our country.   Thank you and God Bless you.

Tom & Rose Gates, Valrico, Florida

 I am making a surfboard for Brian Koflage , a US soldier wounded in IRAQ.   Brian lost both legs and a hand.   He is a very brave man who longs to get back in the surf.   He grew up surfing in Hawaii and wants to come home.   He presently lives in Arizona.   I am a big supporter of our military and hope they all get home safe.

Kimo Greene - Owner - Kimo Greene Surfboards  Haleiwa, Hawaii

Americans never understood the definition of a true American soldier until Desert Storm.   I never knew of a true American until September 11.   As a C-5 Galaxy crew member at Dover for over 18 years I know what our spouses endure.   My heart goes out to our fallen and in recovery.   I will continue to be a part of our missions to provide support to our troops and bring home the fallen with dignity and honor.   Thank you.

James Blake   Camden, Delaware

 I can't thank you enough for starting Grateful American Coin.   I purchased coins and had the opportunity to "Coin" a soldier this past weekend.   What a fantastic feeling to help a great cause by buying a coin and then the awesome feeling of giving one of these extraordinary coins. 

I took my family to San Antonio this past weekend and while looking in different shops on the river-walk, I was carrying one of my kids, holding a drink, pushing a stroller and struggling with a stubborn door.   Just then, a cane tip was quickly inserted into the door jam and held the door open for my family and I to pass.   When I looked up to thank the person on the other end of the cane, I discovered that a soldier was responsible for this random act of kindness.   A soft-spoken young man, head still shaven and sporting a prosthetic leg.    I really wanted to thank him, not just for helping with the door; but thank him for staying awake so my family could sleep in peace and thank him for sacrificing his leg so that so many could keep theirs.   I reached in my pocket and retrieved the Grateful American Coin and handed it to him.   I told him that I was one of the millions of Grateful Americans and I just wanted to say thanks.   His eye filled up with tears and he shook my hand and said "Thank you! You don't know how much this means to me."

Mikeal R. Morgan, Cypress, Texas