Our Story

In October, 2006, a co-worker shared a story about a stranger who gave her Air Force daughter a coin and thanked her for her service.  Since hearing the story, our family has personally purchased and handed out over 200 coins to active service men/women and veterans.  We’ve referred friends and family who have also purchased coins as well as strangers who inquired about the coin after seeing us coin a soldier at an airport, grocery store, etc.

We have shared countless stories of military men and women we have touched by showing appreciation and thanking them with a coin.  The most memorable are when our two sons coin a soldier.  Our 4 year thanks them for getting the ‘bad guys’ while our 6 year old thanks them for protecting us.   If those we honor with this act of kindness feel 5% of the delight we get when thanking them - it’s worth the cost of the coin.  If we can instill in our sons at a young age our military’s importance, the sacrifices they make and the cost of freedom – it’s worth the cost of the coin.

In the summer ’07, we decided we wanted to do more than thank one individual at a time and that’s when our venture began. By November ’06, we established a non-profit, Grateful American Coin, designed our own coin, set up a website and partnered with three Veteran Foundations that support wounded soldiers (America’s Vet Dogs, Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes and Special Operations Wounded Warriors) to be our beneficiaries from net proceeds.  We are supported 100% by volunteers.